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The Fun of Being A Part of the Fortune


Before the New Year holidays, many want to know what to expect from next year. This article contains various fortune-telling, some of which you can not only use to predict the future but also as entertainment for guests. All New Year’s fortune-telling can be carried out from December 25 to January 19, excluding weekends. The use of the voyance par telephone comes useful for you now.

Fortune telling

It is the most common way of divination. Its meaning is simple: on the night of December 31, remember what you dream. This will be the characteristic of the next year.

Divination by wax

Melt some paraffin or wax over a candle flame and pour everything into a glass of cold water. This should be done abruptly so that all wax immediately hardens. According to the figure that forms judge the upcoming year. There are many possible options. Those whose wax has taken the form of a dog can rely on a friend; to whom the snake fell, to wait for treason and betrayal.

Fortune telling by hair

On the night of December 31 to January 1, take a flat bowl, pour water into it and drop a pinch of ash, salt and sugar. Then mix and lower 3-4 of your hair with a lock and then the same amount of hair of the person you are guessing at. In the morning, look at the position of the hair. If the hair is connected together, it means that you will have a favorable future together if they swim separately, and then there will be quarrels and betrayals in your relationship.

Card reading

Take small cards and write a wish on each. It can be anything. For example, replenishment is expected in your family or in June you will be promoted up the career ladder. Then hang the postcards from the ceiling so that they are at the level of the person’s back. Now, when the guests come to you, ask them to stand with their backs to one of the cards and say whether the wish written on it will come true. But do not get carried away everyone can tell fortunes only twice.

Fortune telling

Take three glasses and fill them halfway with water. Put a quarter teaspoon of sugar in the first glass, salt in the second, and bread in the third. Then ask to blindfold you, circle several times around its axis, and then bring to the glasses they must be rearranged at this time. Which glass you choose, this will be the coming year. Choose with sugar, happiness and success awaits you in the New Year, with salt there will be tears, sorrow, but bread promises material wealth.

Fortune telling the groom

There are many fortune-telling by which girls can find out when they are destined to get married. Here are a few of them. You can take a piece of bread and a ribbon and put it in a small box, bag or pan. Then, without looking, pull out one of the objects. Tape for marriage, bread means that you will not meet the bridegroom next year. Stand with your back to the window, holding a mirror in your hands, and try to catch them for a month. How many months you will see in the mirror so many family members of your future groom.