design your own website

The Perfection For the Making of the Website


Every web design creation or project is different, so you can’t quantify instantly, as some people want how much it will cost without being specific enough in the details of your project. As you can design your own website now the options for self-made websites are also there.


More and more websites are being sold as amenities. They are being sold as products rather than services. A good website is more than just a set of banal stock photos and a navigation menu. It’s not a three-stroke thing. To be done correctly, web design is a process that requires time and communication with the customer or marketer. Looking at the website as a continuous service helps you understand why it is not easy to give a single price.

This is the main reason why many agencies prefer or perhaps feel obligated to charge on time to set up a website because this puts the ball on the customer’s side by giving them product service cost control.

Each case is different

For most professionals, a website will be able to walk between 600 and the 600 000 dollars. The first may involve a generic and trite template with widely used photos on the internet, with little customization. The second can be a large-scale website, customized with its corresponding mobile application, with content creation included, as well as a blog, photo and professional video management, among others. This all varies according to the website’s goals and ultimate purpose.

Here are some questions that may help you. Both for professionals who want to understand the customer better, and for the end customer who wants to understand what they can expect from a professional:

  • Is this a project for a new website or an existing redesign?
  • What image do you want your website to look like?
  • You need to frequently update content on your website
  • Already have content created (text), or need content creation?
  • Will you need to have a video on the website? Who will create it?
  • Do you need custom graphic design or professional photography?
  • Will you need a domain and host the website?
  • Will regular maintenance be required after the website launch?

Answering these questions will help present the final cost of the website as well as the time it may take to create it.

Don’t get shortcuts

There are several things to consider when designing a website if the goal is that it will succeed and not be a trite showcase for your business. To do this you have to find someone who can help you create something that will help grow your project and create an online presence.

There are low-cost people or designers who charge you half-and-a-half and can help you by making you a generic website template for an economical value, but if you want a personalized website with unique content, photos or video and continuous maintenance, you can’t go out of your way to avoid getting into work. Pay well for a job well done. After all, this is your project and the image you project out there.


A website will cost what you want it to cost, but by investing enough in an agency or professional that can keep up with you. You can create a trust between customer and designer that will help you be satisfied with the end result.