Dr Harlan Kilstein

The Right Directions for the Use of the Keto Diet Now


If you only replace water, not mineral salts, you may have some very bad symptoms the so-called low-carb flu. In it, you may feel weakness, tiredness, and headache and may even give up on the diet. We do not want that to happen. Because everything would be solved very simply: eating a little more salt. So don’t be afraid of salt. Because it will help you get through the early days in a much more pleasant and enjoyable way. Bottom line: Don’t be afraid of salt, it can be your ally, especially in the early days of the diet. Under the support of Dr Harlan Kilstein you can now have the best results available.

To Succeed In The Ketogenic Diet: Avoid Having Junk At Home

This tip may seem easy at first glance. But it can be quite difficult to follow especially if you live with other people, or have children at home. But always keep the following in mind. The fact is that you’ll probably want to eat candy and other forbidden diet stuff at one time or another. However, you are much less likely to devour a candy bar after dinner if you:

  • Are in pajamas, and have to get dressed,
  • Take the car,
  • Go to the market and buy the candy bar,
  • Back home then eat your chocolate.
  • Compared to the scenario you already have this chocolate bar stored at home.

This is a simple reality based on our psychology a matter of effort and reward. Because we have so much less mental block in accomplishing the tasks that are most within our reach. That is if you keep a lot of junk food at home and foods that are rich in refined and palatable carbohydrates. It is far more likely that you will end up on a diet when you hit that carbohydrate urge at night.

But if you come home and have only good food for your health like a ready-made low-carb meal or a diversity of just easy-to-prepare ketogenic foods. According to its ketogenic menu, it will be much easier to stick to the plan.

So have only real food in your fridge that is aligned with your goal and turn your home into an environment that facilitates your success. Bottom line: Take home the bad foods for your diet. If you don’t know what good foods to keep at home, this list of forbidden and allowed foods will help you. A successful diet begins when it comes to the market. That’s where you effectively choose what you have to eat inside your home.

To Succeed In The Ketogenic Diet: Eating To Satiety

On a well-made ketogenic diet, you don’t have to starve to lose weight. In fact, you are much more likely to succeed if you are not hungry all the time. An artificial calorie restriction as with many traditional weight-loss diets can have a negative rebound effect.

Because in doing so, you tend to get hungry all the time. After all, this is a lifestyle. And what you do 90% of the time will dictate your results and not the 10% exceptions.

Bottom line: To get results from the ketogenic diet, you will have to change the foods you consume most of the time. See the plethora of foods allowed, choose the ones you like best and don’t be afraid to try new things.