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The Right Steps for the Car Accident


Guide to compensation for damage caused by road accidents: from the time required for settlement to the calculation methods, here is everything you need to know. Damage compensation for road accidents: calculation, when the insured person has obligations and obligations

Understanding who owes the burden of compensating for the damage caused by a car accident is very important as it knows the obligations of the insured so as to know how to behave in the event of a claim. From the car accident lawyer this is important.

The Very First Option

The first thing to do is to promptly report the accident and, of course, to call for help in case of injuries; the first obligation is also fulfilled by filling in the form for the amicable dispute, therefore if the conditions are met, the authorities may not even be called. In this case, the injured person must apply for compensation to his insurance company; this, in turn, will refer to that of the driver of the vehicle responsible for the accident.

The timing of the compensation, as well as the amount thereof, depending on various factors which we will talk about in this dedicated guide; so if you are still involved in a car accident and want to know what is happening now, and what you need to do to claim compensation, this is the guide that is right for you because you find all the information you need, including the information on the calculation depending on the situation.

Compensation for damage due to traffic accidents

  • Who should compensate for the damage?
  • How is it calculated?

Personal injury

  • Who is responsible for calculating compensation?

Timing of compensation

  • Who should compensate for the damage?

In the insurance field, the parameter of the contribution of fault is used to establish who in the event of an accident must compensate for the damage caused. It is the driver who caused the accident, in fact, to have to bear the damage.

Consequently, when the guilt concurrence is at 50% that is if both drivers have contributed equally to the occurrence of the accident each of the parties involved must reimburse the vehicles damaged in the percentage of 50%.

Of course, it is not the culprit who pays directly, but his insurance. On the contrary, as of 1 January 2019, the direct compensation instrument was introduced, with which it is possible to directly request compensation for damage to one’s own insurance company. This will then be based on that of the driver who caused the accident.

If more than one car is involved in the accident, for example in the event of a chain collision, it will be necessary to contact the insurance company that protects the person responsible for the accident directly.

  • What happens instead if the person who caused the accident was driving without insurance?
  • Compensation for damages: how is it calculated?

To understand how to calculate the compensation for damage caused by a traffic accident, it is important to know that this can be of a different nature.