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Virtual Escape Room – A Thrilling Adventure


Virtual Escape Room is actually an adventure attempted with the help of the teammates from our home. It’s a wed designed room created to make the people engaged in the activities of virtual escape games such as puzzles, solving the riddles, breaking the puzzles and so on. Usability of the Virtual Escape Room is much in pandemic situations. People are frustrated and they are not in their proper attention to tackle their own life. They need an enterprise to make themselves refresh and clear. For that purpose, Virtual Escape rooms are created and it helps in a team-building activity. Those activities were the more interesting one that makes curiosity to enjoy the fun in the games.

Virtual Play – An Overview

All the participants are separated in teams and they were given clear instructions about the game and the timing. Timing ranges from 30 to 90 minutes. People are connected with video conference and their teammates are from different places, a room of jungle, prison, palace or Queenstown may be displayed. In that room, a puzzle, an argument and some other like code-cracking elements will be displayed. The team has to solve the virtual Escape game within the stipulated time and they have to move on to the next room. Likewise, the team has to complete their session. The team who performs in a well to do manner at a fixed time will be the winner. It’s a fun filler thriller adventure. Some of the teams are providing for free and some other for cost.

Virtual Escape Room Locations

Virtual Disney Land Ride

People are rushing to solve the puzzles from their living room. They can experience the ride of Disney land with their family of 4 to 8 members by hunting the clues and solving the puzzles. Kids are very much attracted to it.

Enchanted Forest

It’s the most popular place of the virtual room connected via zoom, the people who entered have to solve the puzzle quickly so that they can escape from the curse of a witch and it creates a horror experience. It impressed the adults.

Bank Heist

This is the next thriller if u are not solved the puzzles at a particular timed then your bank will be robbed and you will be the victim of bank robbery. Room setup is a Bank. For this, you need to finish the arithmetic calculations on time.

Hogwarts Digital Escape rooms

The fun theme is the best part of this room. It can be completed by single or in teams. It is themed as potters head if you touch that it will adore you. It’s a fun-filled game most of the family members enjoyed it.

My Craft Escape Rooms

It is designed especially for kids, it includes videos, math problems and videogames. It entertains the kids much and they go on playing to hunt the next rooms.

Mystery Escape Rooms

Adults can play this with a help of a live guide in the conference call and its theme is superheroes. The guides guide you to solve the puzzle quickly and acquire the powers of superheroes and they will take you to the next room.