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Wales, an ideal destination For You Now


It is an exotic and rejuvenating destination, just a 1h30 flight from Paris. Wales draws you but you have questions? You ask yourself:

  • How to visit Wales on a responsible trip?
  • What is the best time to go to Wales?

Do you need some advice to organize your stay in the UK and go with family, friends or lovers? Ask a person who lives on-site, who has the same culture as you and who will give you the best advice for a successful holiday. With the water activity holiday you can have the best option now.

Wales at a glance: Formality of entry for a resident

  • Identity card or valid passport (changes are expected according to bilateral negotiation post Brexit)
  • Change
  • British Pound
  • An ideal time of visit
  • All seasons are alike. That said for those who do not like the heatwave, coming from May to August can find a little more freshness.
  • Vaccines to go before leaving
  • No compulsory vaccine.

What Sports To Do In Wales

  • Surfing, kite surfing, canoeing, paddle, fishing, horse riding, canyoning, cycling, hiking, climbing, caving, running
  • Spoken languages
  • English and Welsh (all panels are doubled in Welsh)

The unmissable in Wales

Stroll through the breathtaking landscapes of Snowdonia Park, walk the Holy Island coast, visit the 13th-century castles, spend a weekend in Cardiff. Wales is a destination in harmony with nature.

The unusual in Wales

Sports enthusiasts will be happy to discover all the unusual activities to do during a stay in Wales.

  • Kiter off Wales
  • Spend a night in a shelter in the Snowdonia park
  • Climb the Snowdon
  • Visit the sumptuous castles built in the 13th century,
  • Cross the mountains via caves,
  • Fishing in the lakes of Wales

Responsible traveling to Wales

Would you like to support local associations during your trip to the UK? We offer you the opportunity to meet them and support them directly or indirectly. Lucie is committed to supporting a cause.

Prepare your trip to Wales

To prepare your stay in Wales, do not hesitate to contact Lucie who is at your disposal. She will advise you in her own way of preparing your trip to Wales.

She will answer your most diverse questions such as the places to visit in priority, the books to read before leaving, the most suitable program for your trip, which means of transport to come by and come on the spot, but also what to put in his suitcase to visit Wales, how to dress on the spot depending on the place and time of the stay, what to bring for children etc.

A trip to Wales’s tailor-made

Your travel coach will help you prepare a tailor-made, fully personalized trip, off the beaten track, not to mention the must-sees in Wales. You will then travel like a local with all the good advice that could give you a friend on-site and all the best addresses of the moment tailored to your needs, your expectations, and your style. Your travel coach will also tell you which restaurants are right for you, which hotel to go to, where to go for a nice hike, give you his best addresses for a dream break, etc.

Living in Wales

Are you coming soon to Wales? Ask for help from an expatriate like you who lives on the spot. Your local coach is ready to give you all the information needed for a successful installation.