Virtual Amazing Race Singapore

Different Virtual Travel experience For the People


The virtual Amazing Race gives a great opportunity to all avid travelers. This travel experience will be more different from all the other forms of travel. This online virtual travel will be more convenient for all kind of persons to enjoy the travel of their favorite destination. This virtual requires an online connection in a laptop or desktop for traveling from one’s comfort place even from the home. There are no other requirements for this travel. The travel will be more interesting with some challenging games and tasks which will be given while traveling to reach the destination. Virtual Amazing Race Singapore has designed this travel more especially to attract more people to this virtual world.

The virtual amazing race will have many participants ranging from 5 and can exceed till 50. These participants will be divided into many teams equally according to the total number of participants. The participants of the virtual travel will have to be registered by giving their email address. Once the mail address is registered by the meeting teams, the candidate will receive a mail just a week before the travel date. This mail will give all the details regarding the travel along with the schedule and the guidelines for the travel. This mail is also an invitation to the virtual amazing race.

The team members will be properly guided by a host. The host will travel along with the teams to guide them at each and every level of the travel. All the team members along with the host will be in a single virtual meeting through some popular programs. The programs such as zoom meetings or Google Earth will be chosen by the meeting teams. The main reason for choosing these kinds of programs is easy accessibility in all regions of the world. People can download the mentioned program which is mentioned in the mail which will be received one week earlier the travel. The people should make the proper installation of the program and check it once before the starting of the travel session.

This virtual amazing race will contain many challenges which will be described by the host. The host will give many types of cultural challenges such as finding cryptic clues. The challenges must be properly finished by the team members within the time mentioned by the host. The team members should be very keen on finishing the tasks to win the virtual travel game. The members of the team should be very understanding and cooperative while acting as a team during such difficult tasks.

Perfect Guidance Through Host:

The host will watch each and every activity of all the teams and will decide the winner perfectly. The winner should complete the given task either learning a new culture or language within the specified timing without any delay. This will make the team be in leading among the other teams of the virtual travel. There will be many locations to visit and the people can enjoy each location along with the thrilling challenges during the travel. This makes the whole traveling experience more interesting for the people.