dry cracked dog nose

Dry truffle in dogs: when to consult a veterinarian?


Unlike the damaged truffle, the dried truffle is not a sufficiently alert symptom to justify a visit to the veterinarian. In case of the dry cracked dog nose also, the deal is the same.

On the other hand, always take the time to evaluate the health of the animal. If your dog seems less energetic than usual, he may be sick. The most common disease symptoms are:

  • tiredness
  • loss of energy and appetite
  • moans or complaints
  • the apathy of the dog, etc.

If the truffle dryness is accompanied by this type of symptoms, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. A consultation will help you identify the problem and treat your dog.

What is a truffle?

The truffle is simply the noise of the dog. He was baptized as such because the dog is very good at looking for truffles, but also because the dogs’ noses have their appearance. It is often dark in most dog breeds but may vary depending on their coat as well. In any case, the dog’s nose is its olfactory organ, and as for us humans, the nose is very useful for dogs. During animal care, it is important to monitor the truffle of your resident because it is also a very fragile place.

The usefulness of the nose in dogs

The nose is a very indispensable organ for dogs. Indeed, since the dog does not have a very good near vision, it is his nose that plays a big role in the recognition of the surrounding environment. As the vision of the dog is poor, he will recognize his master, his family, his house, his bowl and all the other things of his daily life with the help of his sense of smell and therefore his nose.

It is not uncommon to see a dog sniff when he is new to the house, he is familiar with your smell. The dog’s nose will also serve him to recognize the food you give him to eat and tell you if he likes it or not. A dog will refuse to eat a meal he does not like the smell, it does not matter if it looks very appetizing. So smell takes precedence over taste.

If you own a hunting dog, a sting dog or a terrier, their sense of smell has a very important role in fulfilling their responsibility. These dogs will use their sense of smell to find the game or follow the prey in their burrow. It’s from their sense of smell that police dogs will be used to detect drugs, rescue dogs to find people or buried bodies. The dog’s nose will also tell you if he is healthy or not. Indeed, some symptoms of illness or ill-being of your dog will manifest itself with his nose. That’s why it’s important to stay alert with your resident’s truffle during a pet sitting.

Why is the dog’s truffle always wet?

You have probably touched one day, and yes the truffle is always wet. Why? This will be a sign that your dog is in good health. The mucous layer makes his nose so wet also serves him to analyze the smells that are given him to smell. The mucosa in question absorbs the odor molecules and then diffuses them to the nerve endings of the dogs that identify them. It is this mucous membrane that is the source of the dog’s spectacular sense of smell and should not be hesitated to control during animal care.