Nandrolone propionate

How to be safe while using liquid-based steroids?


Steroids are mostly taken by the body freaks who want to build stronger muscles. Use of steroidshas proven to be of great help. Steroids can be taken in two ways, either in orally or through injection. Orally are easy to use but the injectables are it complex. Nandrolone propionate is a liquid-based steroid. You need to take extra care while injecting them. You need to follow some safety procedures while using them.

The right needle

In order to be safe, you would require the right kind of needles. There are different kinds of steroids which are required for different purposes and occasions. Different needles are required for different people. It is necessary to dispose of the needle after use and one needle should not be used by the other person. The two types of needles are:

  • Oil-based steroids: These steroids require a thicker needle because the oil steroids are denser than water.
  • Water-based steroids: These steroids require a thinner needle than oil-based steroids.

Draw air

Next, you have to draw the air into the needle.

  • You need to pull the thumb plunger so that it is at the same level as the barrel so thatit would hold the same amount of steroid which would be injected. However, if you pull itfurther, then it may cause the air to leak in.
  • Youneed to emptyair by holding on to the needles. This would result in easy drawing steroid into the needle.
  • After you are done, push the thumb plunger inside so that all the air bubble is removed from the needle brim. Shoot some of the steroids out so that you are sure that there are no air bubbles inside.

Disinfect the skin

Disinfecting the skin before injecting the steroids is a very important thing to do. Ignoring such things would result in the infection in your bloodstream who could be very dangerous for your body. So, always clean the portion where you are about to inject the steroids. It is advisable that you take a shower before injecting. Clean the injecting area with an alcohol solution.


Steroids should not be taken in the nerves but in the muscles. You need to be very careful and ensure that you are not injecting it into the blood vessels. Injecting the steroids in the muscles would cause blood to flow into the barrel. If the steroids are injected into the blood vessels, it wouldthen go into the lungs which are detrimental. In such cases, you should remove the needle from that place and inject it somewhere else where there is nospilling of blood.

Eject the needle safely

Along with the injection of the needle, the ejection is equally important. You need to pull out the needle slowly. Doing it in a hurried manner could result in squirting of the steroids out of the muscle. After you have injected eh steroids. Waitfor a few seconds before pulling it out.


Follow these rules carefully and with great concentration.