onevanilla balance

Reasons to have a prepaid debit card


Prepaid debit cards are a low-cost alternative when compared to traditional bank accounts and cheques. Where prepaid cards also work like a bank account but gain to no fees in the process. Prepaid debit card providers offer the safe, easy to the transaction, easy to use, reloadable cards which can be used to pay for anything virtually from everywhere through visa or through master cards even though from another country. There is also a numerous advantage by using a prepaid debit card with onevanilla balance by keeping it in your wallet.

What is one vanilla balance in the debit card?

This one vanilla balance is the gift card in the prepaid debit cards which comes in the denomination of 25 dollars, 50 dollars and in 100 dollars. Also, this will be accepted anywhere the visa debit is. Also, it can be used to purchase the most convenient way in departmental stores. To activate this card, you need to pay the value on the card plus as an activation fee from 4.95 to 6.95 dollars. Also, the fee may vary according to the balance you are looking for purchasing and there is servicing fees with this after 7 months of post-activation you will be charged 2.50 dollars each month until the balance of the card reaches zero. To check the onevanilla balance in your card it is simple just call to the customer care number to get the most accurate up to date balance statement of your card. These one vanilla visa gift card can be accepted anywhere at visa debit and you can replace the policy of your card by calling customer care services at any time by having the proper proof and the serial number to re-issue the prepaid debit card as per your request.

Benefits of having prepaid debit cards

Whereby using the prepaid debit card you can control your spending by sticking on the budget and have the tendency to do money management.

Also, you can get the prepaid debit card even if you cannot get a traditional bank account due to the quality or can’t access to the mainstream bank due to location or credit problems or income or other issues. But you are qualifying for the prepaid debit card banking services regardless has the credit rating or income where you can directly deposit paycheck on the card and use it anywhere where the credit cards are accepted.

You can protect yourself during travel by carrying only a prepaid debit card instead of carrying cash on the hand. So ideally carrying prepaid debit card is preferable which is not even connected to the credit or debit card of your bank account. If it is stolen also there is an advantage for you were even they often insured if the prepaid debit card is lost or stolen.

It prevents you from identity theft where no one can steal the credit data identity or details because the data associated funds are much less accessible to the thieves. Therefore, it is the best strategy to use the prepaid debit card as an emergency backup instead of a credit card to be used often.