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Smartest Deals for the Nook vs Kindle Options Now


In just a week, we were convinced that the Kindle is the future of reading. The Kindle offers all that is love for books, but with a couple of extras that justify the entire expense and the Nook is permanently relegated to second place. But does this mean that the Kindle is unquestionably better? Of course not! Both devices have a lot of things for them, and their subtle differences could make one or the other a better choice for your needs. You can go for nook vs kindle and come up with the deals now.

Let’s take a look at where the two different devices are and where we are similar. Keep in mind that we are focusing on e-readers and not the tablet.

What is the Difference Between an E-Reader and a Tablet?


This is going to be an important factor for many people. The actual Training Corner which boasts a single model for $ 100, which is great for cutting down, paralysis from analysis and fatigue decision. The GlowLight Plus is the newest and most advanced Nook, and offers a lot of features for $ 129.99.

There is a whole Kindle stable, ranging from $ 80 to almost $ 300, each with their own set of features. Here are the starting prices for each:

  • Basic Kindle: $ 79.99 / £ 56.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite: $ 119.99 Dollars / Pounds 104.49
  • Kindle Voyage: $ 199.99 / £ 169.99
  • Kindle Oasis: $ 289.99 / £ 269.99

The basic Kindle is the cheapest option, and saves $ 50 over the Nook GlowLight Plus. But the $ 80 model includes ads on the lock screen, they don’t have backlighting, and it has a lower resolution than the Nook.

Of course, if you’re willing to shell out for the higher end of Kindle models, you’re going to get more features. The Nook fits exactly in the middle of the Kindle range, both in terms of features and price.

Supported File Formats

Both devices support a wide range of ebook formats, but the Kindle supports a slightly larger variety. If you’re planning on buying books through the associated ebook store, this doesn’t really matter. If you want to support the documents, though, you might want to consider what you are trying to read. With the Kindle conversion service is very simple, and it opens up very useful as the DOCX formats.

On the other hand, if you’re using Caliber to manage your ebooks

You can convert any type of file into another format that the reader must accept. If you feel strongly about DRM and proprietary formats, the proprietary AZW format Kindle might annoy you, while the Nook’s use of the most widely accepted EPUB format might appeal to you. It’s probably not going to be a big deal, but keep that in mind.

Battery Life

Most e-readers are the phenomenal life of drums, and the Nook and Kindle are no exception. The Nook advertises six weeks of battery life, taking 30 minutes of reading a day, a refresh page per minute, the GlowLight at 30 percent brightness, and wireless off.

Kindle features

The basis of the Kindle model sports four weeks of life, taking 30 minutes of reading a day, and wireless off. The Kindle Paperwhite, which can be more comparable with the GlowLight Plus due to its built-in reading light, claims six weeks of 30-minute reading a day, with light at 10, about 40 percent of the maximum.