letter from santa clause

The DE graphing the essence of the magic


Christmas makes the world and people happy. And the special the kids happy. Jesus was born on 5 B.C. His birthday that we celebrate as Christmas. It is the culture of all over the world. They can celebrate in different types and in a different manner and help a lot of people. Then Santa Claus will give the children gift while seeing their behaviour. If you wrote a letter to him.  He replied has come to you like letter from santa clause . Then you will be happier.

Then we want to write a letter to Santa first. The paper must be a clean white paper, in the left corner we want to write like Dear Santa, it makes him so happy while he read the letter starting. Then on the right side, we want to write an address and date when you wrote the letter. We want to write the body of the letter we want to write the name of you, how old are you, then what are the good things you do in this year.

If you want to ask anything you can ask the Santa want you to want. We want to write a letter in different types of colour you have, in a different way so that the letter will attract Santa and he will be happy more. We want to say thank you for his work.

Then he would write a letter, like a replay letter. He will write about you and your letter. The letter was like an old gold paper. There will be a lot of beautiful design are there like a stare, tree and etc. When we see the letter, it makes you so happy. It must be a most special movement for you and the feeling will never replace anything in the world.

In the letter, we want to continue the good things, do what you love and make your own decisions like that he will make you so much happy not now forever. Christmas will be the best culture in the world. The world can celebrate happily

The time of the future!

The eBook of scriptures precept moto is to spread love on others. It’s in reality impossible to despise everybody there may be just a single manner this is love. All the slip-USA be get redressed in one day. We need to hold tight for that. Our existence could be get changed whenever. In the occasion that one man is rich in nowadays but he can get misfortune and be poor in the following day. On the off chance that one is particularly negative on this day but he gets possibility the bean wonderful cash author as the following day. So, existence is extremely short live to meet me and to fulfil others. This is the fundamental records of the Christmas celebration

The dearest of dear!

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