android mobile app testing

The technological revolution in automation


There was an incident on April 26, 1994, the aircraft name as an airbus a300 was crashed. The crash kills 264 people in China airline. It is the technology failure. In the situation that was the example of how to fare the technology was. If the test it in the correct way it will be the best of it. While the world is keen on android mobile app testing it is a long way to find them. But nowadays we can test that all.

It is an integral part of successful software. If the automatic taster was in those years it well help them and escape from the dangerous. It has some bugs and software issues the automatic tester will help to clear the bugs. Software testing can be classified into two types

  • Manual Testing

Testing the web application and others in the manually. If they can see any bugs and errors they can correct it. But it will take hours and hours for it. Humans can design, correct the error, and correct the bugs it will take a lot of time. And they can not work for 24hours. If they have some problem with the software it will get an error one. And we want to check that by some of your seniors.

  • Automate Testing

Automate testing software is the best way to correct the bugs and errors of it. It can work for 24hours. They can correct any type of bugs, and error while it is difficult for humans. They can do work as fast as they can.

  • Why automate?

Manual testing can be an error, correct the bugs and it’s boring. But in the automata testing, they can do the job as correct as they can they don’t have any errors and buys on it. And it can increase the accuracy of the result. The automate tester can save a lot of time and effort. It can increase the frequency of higher quality software. Automatic reduced the manual testing software process. In the project, the automatic tester can use the other man can do another project. It will reduce the time of the company software.

  • Automate test life cycle
  1. Automate feasible analysis: In this cycle, we can select the software which we want to correct in an automated test. And the next one is

2.Test strategy: It will select the framework of multiple options like we have data derive framework, we have liner test automation framework, we have keyboard framework and lot. And the nest one in

  1. Environment support: in this one we can test the environment support and required the hardware and software tools. It will execute the test automatic cases. And the best one in
  2. Script development: we can create the script development required by the management. It will help to develop the script of our making. And the next step is
  3. Case execution: In this case, we can execute the case execution. If we don’t get any output it will help to see what is wrong and then we can correct it. And the next one
  4. Result generation and analysis: we can analyze the output of cases. And we can execute the automatic result. It will help to correct the error and bugs of its software.