Care Home Hemel Hempstead

What are the different types of care homes?


There can be times in a person’s life where they are unable to take proper care of themselves on their own. They may have to rely on external caretakers to ensure they are in proper care.  This is a matter of concern for children of very senior citizens too, because the children may not be able to take the utmost care of their parents or grandparents because of their busy lives and own families. In this situation, a care home is a go-to choice to make sure the elderly are taken care of and their needs are looked after.

What are care homes?

A Care Home Hemel Hempstead , also known as a residential home, retirement home, adult family home, etc, is a place where residents are taken care of and are provided with accommodation, meals, basic medical services, etc for the long term, in exchange for a fee. Care homes have skilled staff who are trained to properly take care of you and look after your needs, be it basic living needs, medical or recreational needs.

Based on your ability and requirements, you can select the kind of care home you or your loved ones require. There are many types of care homes that take care of their residents on a long-term and short-term basis. One must choose the right care home by acknowledging the needs of the resident, considering the services and facilities offered by the care home and your financial ability to pay for the services.

Some of the types of services offered at care homes:

  • Residential care: These care homes are also called retirement homes or old age homes where people stay for a long period of time for long-term care. They are given food and shelter and their needs, medical or recreational or any other, are looked after by the care home’s staff.
  • Respite care: This is perfect for people who need the services of a care home for a short period of time. This is useful for people whose caretakers may be away or whose family is not around for some time. These individuals can use the daycare facility of care homes when the caretaker needs a break, so their wellbeing is not compromised.
  • Convalescent care: This service is particularly for people who are recovering from a serious disease, had surgery or were badly injured. The care home may also provide rehabilitation services for such individuals with skilled caretakers constantly looking after their needs.
  • Disability care: A care home offering such a service has skilled and trained staff who have the knowledge and experience of taking care of a person who has physical or mental disabilities of any kind. The care home also offers its services to terminally ill people. The care homes have all the required equipment and amenities to make the individuals feel comfortable.
  • Palliative care: Care homes giving palliative care services cater to people with terminal illnesses that don’t have any cure. These services are focused on relieving the symptoms of these illnesses, helping the patients to deal with them in a better manner. They provide special care and treat them with utmost empathy to respect their dignity.