What browser games enjoy the most interest of players?


Although browser games cannot offer such great graphic effects as traditional ones, which are installed in the system, their popularity is huge. One of the advantages is easy access through any browser, another – gameplay itself. Because cool browser games are a huge amount of items, you cannot even briefly describe everyone. Therefore, in the following list we present three free browser games from each popular genre, in which it is worth trying your hand. In mmorpg you will have the best deal now.

Strategic browser games

Undoubtedly, strategies are the most popular genre of games we can play through the browser. Titles such as Tribal Wars, OGame or The Settlers Online are a production about which almost everyone has heard or even seen their ads on numerous websites. These browser games are constantly being developed, and hundreds of thousands of people use them every day.


A currentbrowser of online game debuted on June. The player has a small village, and for his raw materials he can build new objects or improve already placed. So as it happens in RTS games. Of course, the key to success is a strong army, but this production has an interesting option for forming alliances, which allows cooperation between players. Although graphics do not throw you on your knees, well-thought-out gameplay makes this browser game enjoys unflagging interest from players for thirteen years!

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is a production that is a continuation of the Plemiona hit. Her action was set in the realities of the Middle Ages, and the player as the ruler of the castle must develop his kingdom, which is waiting for numerous enemies. Tribal Wars 2, like other popular browser games, is a MMO war strategy. Battles, construction of fortifications and, of course, the expansion of the army are classes that consume tens of thousands of players around the world every day. The gameplay offers the option of turning PvP battles in real time. Its popularity is also influenced by pleasant graphics and the ability to play on mobile devices using the appropriate mobile application.


It’s a space strategy game where thousands of players gather together to play with or against each other. The player starts with one basic world that can transform into a powerful empire. Metal, crystal and deuterium are the main raw materials that allow you to build a solid economy, and thus funds for the expansion of the fleet. There is no shortage of wars, alliances and, above all, hours of fun. This is a really addictive, fun browser game, but not for everyone the amount of data can discourage players who like simpler entertainment.


Islandoom is a game that will allow you to become the commander of an uninhabited island and lead one of four nations. During the game, unknown areas are explored, new places are settled, and an economy based on the development of economy and intensive trade with other players is built.