Pest Control Essex

What is about the pest and its history?


Pest control is the best method for an agricultural process, this may be looks like an old method. But this will be the best one when considering other methods regarding Pest Control Essex . At first, the animal named Mongooses has introduced in homes to control the coming of snakes and rodents by the living of ancient Egyptians. This approach will be employed first, this is easier when compared to another method like destroying the weeds by ploughing or by burning them, and as well by killing the herbivores. There are still other more techniques they are companion planting, crop rotation, companion planting is also said to be known as mixed or intercropping. Chemical pesticides are made and first used around 2500 BC.

What is a pest

The pest is nothing but, an organism that damages or eats the crops grown in agricultural land. These pests can be controlled by introducing a new species or in the case of using the pesticides is called a pest. In spraying the pesticides in plants or crops, in this case, insecticides will kill insects, fungicides will kill fungus and herbicides will control weeds. The person who works in an agricultural field used to spray the pesticides using vehicles, airplanes and also by humans, etc… for crops. The biological control method is found in the record of three hundred years after AD. The DDT‘s introduction is the cheapest and an effective one, this may put a stopping condition of effective biological experiments. The chemical control of pests is the most predominant type of today’s pest control and the biological control was developed at the end of twenty the century and this may continue the day. The red weaver ants feed a snail this method is proceeded by China, Africa, and the Southeast countries. The cultivation methods like ploughing expose the pest like insects, predators like the black-headed gulls.

The person who used to spray the pesticides has to cover the face and as well the body, as they do not get any side infections like rashes, itching ness, cold or almost of throat infections. Chemical pesticides like DDT which is abbreviated as DICHLORODIPHENYLTRICHLOROETHANE. This chemical is used to prevent the crops and people from attacking from malaria. This DDT used to get concentrated, in these areas after using DDT in lands. This causes damage to birds, due to the eating of worms that are dehydrated in soil. As the bird eats the worm, which is present under dehydrated soil it leads to the formation of the thin layer of egg, this thin layer produces, it is very difficult to break the layer due to this layer, the bird egg in the layer may die. So the population of birds has been reduced. In this case, the DDT is not used for agricultural lands. Still, there are many information’s regarding pest you can follow the proceeding content. Pest control is a very interesting topic in content and in practical life too. For more information, you can also refer to the previous articles as your reference. This topic is about the pest and its history.