Why framework is necessary for the QA testing process?


While looking before the ancient day’s businessmen start marketing their products just by having their brand logo as a poster and publishing it through newspapers, television channels, and also through FM radios. And nowadays there are a lot more options to attract customers more than posters. Website, social media marketing, and digital marketing are the ways to start publishing any of the products and to attract customers using some advertisements. Even to start marketing through the websites there are some additional works before starting the marketing process. for example if a person starts searching for your product only when your site gets into the first position it would be easier to get into the site. But due to some bugs and improper optimization if your site gets into the fifth place of the search engine then you might lose more than fifty percent of your customers. to avoid these kinds of issues visit this site

What is the testing necessary for the software and how it can be performed?

So automation testing is nothing but the alteration made without the help of human interaction, but even if there is no human work in this type here the main concept is to score speed and how efficient the site is? There are enough automation testing tools and this process can be done under android, IOS, laptops, or desktop computers. If a work is done by men he/she needs a bit of rest in-between their work but when the same work is given under the computer it can continue the work as for whole day without any delay and rest of it. And this is not the only thing that an automation tool is capable of, some other benefits like the repetition of test code, broad cases, multilingual sites, etc.

This can be classified into nine different types of automation testing.

First is the type of Unit testing which is considered as the first stage of the testing process, secondly the smoke test helps to find whether the code of the website is eligible for the upcoming testing process or not? And only when the codes are working as a whole without a single performance the website is working properly if there are any missing components then it should come under the integration testing process. After this regression test, it proves that there are no other changes made after updating the link of the site. if any of the test cases show failed results then by utilizing the particular task we can move on to the other tests.

Likewise, according to the name the test have different components and working tools in it for example acceptance, performance, security, and UI are the remaining tools that should be processed under automation testing. After deciding about the test for the site then as a further move you should decide about the framework like linear or modular or else library type. Finally, the library framework type is nothing but the elaboration of the modular-based framework with fewer additional changes it differs from the modular framework. At any time you can click on the above-mentioned site to get additional information related to the testing process.