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Best Entertainment for Your Kid Now


In case you are lucky enough to travel on Easter, these tips for traveling with young children can be useful. Traveling as a family is a very enriching experience, but it can be a challenge for our patients and our nerves.We have already told you our tricks, but we had not made a specific post. Today we offer these ten tips derived from my experience and that of other families. We hope you find them useful and tell me in the comments your infallible tricks. You can have the con heo dat remix at your hand for the same.


There is no need to plan for months and months, but it is advisable to have a list of places where children will be comfortable.We attached a couple of files so you can contact the tourist offices (Foreigners in Madrid) and throughout Spain) and surely they will send you some leaflets and maps and places to go with kids. If it has been an unexpected escape, nothing happens! A simple Google search from the mobile “Sebastopol for children or Sebastopol kid-friendly” is enough to find the best restaurants, parks and in general places where they are receptive to having the kids running around. Tigriteando is a community of fathers and mothers, if you wish, we can ask on the facebook wall for kid-friendly options in a certain place, and do not forget the Mamma proof initiative, in which we collaborate, to plan your trips and getaways.

Travel Slowly, I’m In A Hurry

A good way to prevent children from getting very tired while traveling is to do stopovers or stops to regain strength. Well to spend the night or to spend the day (We usually stop in Mérida if we travel to Cádiz, for example, the Trip Medea hotel allows the use of the swimming pool for non-users of the hotel for a minimum amount, is on the outskirts and is easy to park) In summer choose a place with a pool and in winter a place where they can preferably run, jump and climb, such as a large park or a museum adapted to children. The children live the trips like the old travelers of the 19th century, as an experience and not a way to reach the destination, take the opportunity to learn a little about its intensity. Change the chip!

Premeditation, Happiness And Nightlife

Getting up at dawn and traveling at night is a classic to prevent girls from misbehaving, especially since they banished the word nap from their vocabulary. If they go to bed late and get up at 4 in the morning, they will have several hours of sleep ahead of them in which you can move forward a lot. April, who has already been phenomenal in the car, the other day, told us “I can’t stand being in this chair for so long”. The time they go to sleep saves them from “suffering.” We prefer to be tired of girls having a bad time, the next day we can always recover sleep in shifts.


If you travel by plane, do your best not to check luggage and if you had to do it remember to carry the following in your carry-on bag (several changes in Ziploc bags, diapers and wipes more than enough, snacks of various types, documentation personal, travel and accommodation, the telephone number of the insurance company you have hired and the travel kit).