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Website design: How to create your first site


This article will be the 6th part of our step-by-step guide on how to create a functional website from scratch. In the last session, we bought a domain and hosting already, and now it’s time to move further to start building the site. But before we start, in case you’re looking for the best Seattle web design company for your business website, your search ends here. We are the go-to choice for most of the businesses for web development and other related things. Or if you need to have a mobile app, and thinking who’s the best, yet affordable “app developers near me ,” look no further, just contact us today.

Building a website using WordPress:

If you’ve successfully completed the payment part in our last session, then you should have received an email confirmation in your inbox by now. So, we’re going to go to our email inbox, where we should find two new emails from Hostgator. If they are not there right away – just wait a couple of minutes and refresh your inbox, and then you’ll have two emails. One of them would say, “thank you for choosing Hostgator,” and the other should have the subject line, “your account info.” Both of these emails are pretty important, so you just want to keep them safe for future references. But for now, we can just click into the one that says “your account info” – in this email, we will have a link to our control panel and the username and our password. So we just need to click on the link beside where it says “your control panel,” and that’s going to open the cPanel login screen in a new window. Now we just need to copy and paste our username and password from the email into the cPanel login screen. When we do that we can just click login, and this is us going to be logging into the Hostgator cPanel where we are going to install WordPress.

Once logged in, we can just scroll down to the bottom until we see the heading “software and services.” Now we just need to click where it says “quick install,” then on the left-hand side under where it says “popular installs.” Then on the right-hand side, we can just click install WordPress, and using the drop-down menu, we can choose our domain name. There will be a box to the right that says “install path.” Here we just want to make sure this box is left blank, then underneath we just need to enter our email address. For the blog title field, you should remember that this will be the title of our website, although we can change this later. So don’t worry too much about it for now, and I’ll just call it “My blog.” There you’ll see the field named “admin user” – this is what you’re going to use to log into your WordPress site to develop the same as an admin. And you can set this to be maybe your first name or something or perhaps the word admin, whatever you like. The reason I’m saying this is sometimes the user name, depending on which WordPress theme we’re using, will actually show up in a few places on your web site – mainly on blog posts. Rest of the fields are self-explanatory, and now you just need to click the “install” button to finish the process, and WordPress will be installed. This is all for today, see you guys in the next article.