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Great Factors for Your Youtube Subscription


According to YouTube, the interaction is increasing. Between 2017 and 2018, over 70% of YouTube users said they follow a YouTube creator and interact with his channel on a daily basis. To build engagement with your audience, you need to connect. The final objective is obviously to increase your number of views in a realistic, organic and sustainable way. To buy youtube subscribers this is essential.

In other words, by interacting with other YouTubers creators or commenters, you increase the chances that they are interested in your brand, that they subscribe to your channel and watch your videos.

Ideas to break the fourth wall and create an exchange:

  • Respond to comments simple question of politeness
  • Organize a YouTube contest
  • Create reaction videos
  • Include content created by other people in your videos with their permission.

For example, YouTuber Dave Cad, in his quest to learn Finnish, asked native speakers to send him Snapchat videos explaining how to correctly pronounce tongue twisters in Finnish.

This tutorial on how to interact with your community on YouTube using Hootsuite’s commenting and sharing features will save you time when defining your audience.

Establish partnerships

Crossovers, guest appearances, mash-ups, covers: Internet users like to discover the universes they are familiar with in a new light. Find your brand’s She-Ra He-Man or your Lil Nas X’s Billy Ray Cyrus.

Maybe your brand can’t afford to hire a designer and you don’t want to hire someone who has their own subscribers anyway. However, the results continue to delight. Like when Brita the water filter company hired the influencer King Bach and gave him the creative freedom to do whatever he wanted and, apparently, the budget to hire Stephen Curry. Result? Poor music, fantastic entertainment and 3.6 million views so far.

Set your Priority

But if you are a creator yourself or your ambition is to become an influencer, your priority is to bet on your number of views to earn money on YouTube, not to spend it. It would, therefore, be preferable to associate yourself with creators who share the same ideas as you.

Like when YouTuber Joana Ceddia ended up with yellow hair after discoloration and hair guru Brad Mondo invited her to New York to repair the damage. Your potential partners should ideally share your values, enjoy the same popularity and develop a similar aura. It’s even better if you really appreciate them and share this friendship with your subscribers who will then be happy to see you happy.

If you do a crossover that involves several different videos like a video from your partner’s point of view which will be published on his channel, another from your own point of view which will be published on your channel, some cut scenes or background footage, compile them into a playlist so that interested viewers can watch them all.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel

The number of your subscribers indicates your natural reach on YouTube. The more subscribers your channel has, the more your videos will be seen as soon as they are published especially if these subscribers have enabled notifications.

Increasing your number of subscribers is a challenge in its own right that requires a very specific approach, but which is also closely linked to increasing your number of views. This is why we offer you a comprehensive guide to increasing the number of your subscribers on YouTube.