get more instagram followers

Tips for getting Instagram followers


Facebook-owned Instagram is a social networking site where people share photos and short videos. First developed for the IOS platform in the year 2010, later it was adapted for all other OS platforms.

Instagram is now used to spread social messages, promote brands, a connecting platform for celebrities, and used for many more purposes.

There are many ways on how to get more instagram followers . Few of which are listed below

Things to do for getting followers:

  • A natural human curiosity is that if someone requests to follow you or like your post, we tend to do the same.
  • Proper engagement of the followers is required. Frequent posts of the subject matter of your page are the key to keep your followers engaged.
  • Posting at the right time can also increase the viewers of your posts.
  • To find out which time is suitable, start testing various possibilities and measuring their results.
  • According to the results you can post in the future.
  • This could also be challenging sometimes because of the various time zones of the world.
  • If the time that will get maximum viewers is not convenient, then you can schedule your posts with the help of social media marketing private tools.
  • With the help of which you can schedule your post and captions.
  • Though Instagram is a photograph and audiovisual sharing podium, subtitles can play the main role in increasing the courtesy of the viewers.
  • Many strategies can be used here like sharing important information, asking relatable questions, trying emoji, and other innovative ideas.
  • An important feature which many people use daily is Stories.
  • If you want more Instagram followers, then it is a must to have stories daily.
  • More than half of the total accounts on Instagram use this feature regularly.
  • Using interactive features on Instagram has also proven to be one factor to increase the followers.
  • Usage of the poll, question stickers, user opinions are some of those features.
  • Another attractive feature that is trending now is going live on Instagram with only your content or with someone as collaboration.
  • With some interesting interactive questions or with the contents which may attract your followers, you can come live.
  • This life can be seen for 24 hrs if you chose to save it for the followers to watch.
  • Broadcasting your day to day activities can also be done in life.
  • Another important way to get more followers is to conduct contests with collaborations by asking the followers to like your post, share, and tag one friend.
  • You can also direct the people to follow you and your collaborative account.
  • Through these ways, followers can be increased with gifts of the contest also.
  • Reply to the comments of your followers in a good and polite manner.
  • Try to respond to the messages you get at least in the initial stages.

All the above points are few ways to get more followers on Instagram and to remain interactively in social networking sites. All the above details and some of the rules and regulations should be followed in this way. our young people fully addicted to this one also.